Cities Without Names

by Shellfin

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Kuna Stick to the Heavy Metal Trick!
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FDJ Ah Shellfin or as I like to think of them the stoner Ramones. The Ramones brought pop sensibilities into punk music and Shellfin do the same with stoner rock. The fuzzed up riffs are there as you would expect but these tunes have hooks and melodies that grab you making you want to headbang and dance both at the same time. Excellent stuff! Favorite track: Get On.
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Zhakathoom I crossed paths with Shellfin a long time ago, but back then I had a really hard time getting a hold of their stuff, so it was a really pleasant discovery to see they're on Bandcamp now. This release in particular serves up a feast of great tunes. Stonery heavy rock with surprisingly varied expression across one singular release I feel. It might just be me, but I think this variance in theme and flavor compliments each other and makes it a richer experience. Favorite track: She Is A Robot.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Love this punky stoner album, has a bit of the Truckfighters vibe about it.... Favorite track: Delusional.
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released March 1, 2015

All songs writen by Shellfin except
The Earth Is An Egg writen by Shellfin and Dave Mustaine
The Real Thing writen by Johnny Young

Shellfin is
Josh Bliesner - Guitars, Bass, Backing Vox
James Geekie - Drums, Backing Vox
Douglas Bjur - Vocals
Daniel Pye - Live Guitars, Backing Vox
Alex Taubert - Live Bass

Additional Musicians
Ryan Smith - Keys
Josh Bliesner - Keys
Christiana Zimmerman - Backing Vocals
Claudia Lorenz - Backing Vocals

Recorded at Bjur Lodge
Recorded and Engineered by Sam Alcock (Vintage Ethos Studios)
Assistant Engineered by Daniel Pye(AudioSlaveAudio)
Mixed and Mastered by a mysterious Hobbit in a far away land

Artwork by Dase Beard
Photo by David Andreas
Layout by David Norris


all rights reserved



Shellfin Brisbane, Australia

shellfin {noun}
pronounced: heh-vee-as-fv*k
1. A collection of tough as guts riffs and classic pop rock hooks in the form of regressive stoner rock.
e.g. If I have any more Shellfins, I’ll explode.
2. The combination of physical states caused by alcohol, marijuana and tinnitus.
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Track Name: Poisoned Heart
A mental mushroom cloud has left his psyche stained
But he turned it inside out and wore brand new skin
A skin of armor
A psychotic shield
Now he's a new machine
Now hes made of steel

His motor is running on revenge
His blood is running cold
Don't look into his eyes
They're inhuman
Eternal scars

His madness is the fuel burning death
His path is littered with the bodies of the insolent
Once he was human, but now revenge consumes him
And his poisoned heart

Sticks and stones will break your bones
But words can make you go insane
The seed is grown
We must atone
Now WE are the ones who feel the pain
Now WE are the ones that wear the scars
Now WE are the ones with poisoned hearts

A mental mushroom cloud....
Track Name: Get On
I've made up my mind
It's a perfect waste of space
It's a demonstration of a perfect time and place
So close to heaven
When I've got no soul to sell
When I can't see your face
I guess I'm doing well
Well, good enough for me

A rocket to the glowing sun
You gotta get on, get on, get on
Destination oblivion
You gotta get on
Back in space where I belong
You gotta get on, get on, get on
If you want to get off
You gotta get on

Forget the feast
Or forget that obligation
But what does it mean
For the plastic population
We can never get enough
But we point our finger well
When it comes to suicide
I guess I'm doing well
And that's good enough for me

A rocket to the glowing sun
You gotta get on, get on, get on
Destination oblivion
You gotta get on
Back in space where I belong
You gotta get on, get on, get on
If you want to get off
You gotta get on

Baby, when i get inside you
I'll be deep in outer space
The further I am into the vacuum
The deeper that i get in you

Beyond oblivion
Outside of time
Ripping through the unperceivable
Leaving all of this behind
Track Name: The Earth Is An Egg
I know you want to cross that line
But no one's really got control
Let me give you some advice
The Earth is an egg

They're selling what you'd get for free
Yeah, and I got two!
Everybody get in line
It's just an arm and a leg

The Earth is an egg

Let me tell you about it,
Something big is going down
But I'm busy with my PS3
See I don't want to change the world
If its gonna happen anyway

What fuckin difference does it make?
All we have to do is wait
For the Earth to incubate

The Earth is an egg
Track Name: Down To Zero
All my memories make me sick
Now I only dream when I'm awake
But, oh, the time it takes
I've never liked the taste of dirt
But I get what i deserve
Gravity serves not for me now

We've got a situation
Cause i can't stand
Comical ruminations
Cosmic hallucinations
I feign disinterest
And secretly make plans

I'm getting off this planet
I'm going out of my mind
I'm counting down to zero
Track Name: She Is A Robot
She is a Robot
But she don't know it
She is bionic
She brings me gin and tonic

Glass eyes see everything
Oh, but for one thing
She’s more than made of plasticYou bet she knows how to please me

She don't know
She is a Robot

I know, I know, you are what you eat.
She is not meat, but she is my favourite meal

Tastes so sweet
EAPs squeeze
Feels so real!

She don't know
She is a Robot

Know you're mine
It's the only thing you need to know
Wait so long for me
We're gonna live forever, out in space
My masterpiece
You're my creation and I'm only flesh and bone
And I'll keep you clean
When you go dead I'll check the wires in your head

She don't know
She is a Robot
Track Name: Smoking Gun
Aw, Get up!
They say that money ain't everything
But you ain't got enough.

Aw, now you're hooked on the junk
Its a smokin gun
And you don't want to carry it

Its a smoking gun
What a kick in the face
You're long lost
You haven't slept in days
You hate this place
Its so far away from home

Aw, give it up!
Forget about everything
And get in the truck (fuck!)
Oh, my Fiona, you fucked up
With a smokin gun
Now you don't want to bury him

With a smokin gun
and a kick in the teeth
And on and on and on to me
You hate this place
Its so far away from home

And its a smoking gun
Track Name: Tomorrow Never Arrives
I break the silence screaming
It's twenty-five to fuckin nine
We watched the sun come up
Now it's burning out my eyes
We took the low road
We owned the night
But now I'm hanging over (sick)
And can't avoid the light

Pray never again
Repent through bloodshot eyes
I want to die

Pull the covers over my head
All my life mislead
I want to die

Bright eyed commuters walk so fast and seem unreal
My head is split like schizophrenic now that I can feel
Wouldn't it be nice
If tomorrow never arrives?
A hair of the dog that bites

Forever again and again
Through bloodshot eyes
I want to die

Pull a sheet over my head
Tag my toe, I'm dead
I want to die

No, never again
Tomorrow Never Arrives
Track Name: Delusional
Last night, I dreamt I was a single particle.
Every choice made, a new 'me'
Sacred and indestructible
And I'd pull all the pieces apart
And you'd call that reality

I only want to escape, the fake, the fictional,
I've no faith in the historical, 'cause it takes time for the truth to tenderize

They do then they don't
They will then they won't
They would if they could
But they wont
They don't

They could but they don't
They should but they won't
They should and they could
Buy they don't
They won't

Even when we ignore the staggering unlikelihood,
The miracle of the mundane,
Our unconscious contributes to the perpetuity of our collective experience,
And particles of pure thought create new worlds and split consciousness
A trillion times in a heartbeat.
And we live in them all
At the same time.

We could hang out at the park
Smoke a joint or burn the tire
At night, you can hear 'em
We can chase 'em in the dark
And you'll say I always smell like the weather
And I'll say I love the smell of smoke
And you'll say something about getting old
And I won't say anything
And then we'll fuck
Track Name: Cities Without Names
This is not for me
I don't belong here any more
Winter's bitter freeze
Is rising through the floor
Now every day is the same
And there's no one here like me
Now these cities have no names
This is not for me

There's only one thing left to do for you
A song to sing for days
There's only one way to fly...

Get high

Escape to space

This is not for me